Shadow of the Republic

The Archimedes Screw

The Memoirs of Tarasios Leventis

8-JUN-619 – Finally faced off with Archy. Our two spellslingers managed to hold off the vampire’s advance while the rest tore apart statue minions. All in all, they all (amazingly) did their jobs well.

Session Loot – 47487 gp (7914.5 gp each)

Bob –

Brienne –

Dongus – Cloak of the Montebank

Keo – Scroll of Eyebite

Quintus – Scroll of Chain Lightning, Scroll of Mordenkainan’s Sword

Tanet –

Community Property – 1 Potion of Greater Healing, Cloak of the Manta Ray, Boots of Levitation, 3 magical paintings



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