Shadow of the Republic

Schrodinger's Goat

The Memoirs of Tarasios Leventis

3-APR-618 (cont.) – That night an ogre attacked the campsite but was put down. Fuck that guy.

4-APR-618 – On this day a goat was freed/seized/eaten/fornicated with. Who gives a shite. We reached the comfort of Aquileia before these fools decided to leave for the harshness of the open road.

5-APR-618 – For some silly reason they decided to run after some worgs. They actually came back with nary a scratch, so maybe they’re not completely incompetent.

6-APR-618 – My hooves hurt.

7-APR-618 – Damn, my hooves are killing me.

8-APR-618 – ARRRRRRRRRGH!!!!! That’s with 9 “R’s” in cast you’re wondering. Also, some goblins attacked the camp and managed to give the Beast another lump on his misshapen head. That idiot needs to get himself a shield and stop trying to block swings with his face.

9-APR-618 – I would let every one of those remaining goblins run a train on me if it got me an appointment with a good farrier, but we finally reached the village of Hircum.

Session Loot – 206 gp (41 gp, 2 sp each)

Bob –

Brienne – quartz (50 gp)

Dongus – chryoprase (50 gp)

Keo – citrine (50 gp)

Quintus – chalcedony (50 gp)

Tanet – 1 magic arrow, 128 arrows, sardonyx (50 gp)

Community Property – 1 potion (toenail in transparent liquid), 13 scimitars, 13 short bows


Hircum, alright, works for me

Schrodinger's Goat

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