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Olympia is the lands of heroes, Heracles, Aeneas, and Aleksandar, left their marks for the world to remember. Today it is represented by three powerful lands, The Kingdom of Emathia [ Lightfoot Halfling], the City-States of Pella [ Human/ Rock Gnome], and the Oscan Republic [ High Elf], with several smaller kingdoms and city-states around the region. This is the lands of the Greek Deities [Player’s Handbook 298], deities on one hand civilized and at the same time wild; some of the most fickle of all the known world’s deities.

Races: High Elves, Humans, Rock Gnomes, Lightfoot Halflings, Half-Elves, Minotaurs, Aasimar
Languages: Koine (lingua franca) [Human/Rock Gnome], Umbra [High Elf]
Dead Language: Rasna [Rasenna League]

The north a land of fire and ice, of mountains and forests; that is Midgard. Here ten millennia ago the giants made an empire that held the dragons at bay. Its slaves the elves, humans, dwarves and orcs eventually rebelling, leading to its downfall. Today two power kingdoms on of dark elves; the Kingdom of Svartálfar and one of mountian dwarves; the Kingdom of Nidavellir vie for control of the north their hostility often leading to conflict and even war. The rest of the races exist in a tribal states with those of the south, the Gothic ( Humans) and Vandali (Orcs) tribes being influences by the neighboring Olympic lands. The gods this land are known as Norse deities [Player’s Handbook 299], one of the most warlike of all the pantheons.

Races: Mountain Dwarf, Dark Elf, Human, Orc, Half-Elf, Half-Orc, Goliath
Languages: Dene (Mountain Dwarf), Vas (Dark Elf), Giant

These are the lands of sand, as the majority of this area is made up of the great Vaalbara desert. Along the river Iteru, the ancient Khemet civilization [ Human] still stands, its great monuments and achievements still inspiring awe. On the northwestern coast of this continent the Barcan Hegemony [ Hill Dwarf], once a superpower, its recent defeat in war with the Oscan Republic, has left the Hegemony scrambling to restore their economy in hopes of paying the indemnity levied against them by the Republic. Several tribes wander the desert between these two empires, most prominent the Dakon tribes of dragonborn. The gods of this hot realm are the Egyptian Deities (Player’s Handbook 299).

Races: Human, Hill Dwarf, Stout Halfling, Dragonborn, Tiefling.
Languages: Ashurar (Gray/Hill Dwarf), Khemetic (Human), Draconic

A land civilzation has barely touched, only the southern part of the Laurentia Peninsula where the Hill Dwarves of the Barcan Hegemony placed colonies has any civilization approached the size of a city. It is a land of wild forests, treacherous mountains, foreboding bogs and storm-wracked coasts. From the Brettaniai islands come the Keltoi Tribes ( Wood Elf), the main lands has the Gallia Tribes ( Forest Gnome) and Kellic tribes (Human). The gods of this land are the Celtic Deites (Player’s Handbook p398), wild and warlike are these gods.

Races: Wood Elf, Human, Forest Gnome, Half-Elf
Languages: Kelt (Wood Elf)

Beth Nahrain:
The land of empire, Beth Nahrains, from the twin rivers to the eastern edge of the Tethys Sea, empires have risen, collapsed and conquered. From the rise of Ancient Urukkain ( Eladrin), these lands have seen wave of empire, Babytonian ( Eladrin), Ashurar ( Hill Dwarf), Hattian ( Rock Gnome), Parsan, and Aleksandar’s great empire. Today the Dura Empire is a legacy of that empire existing along the eastern coast of the Tethys. The once great eladrin empires now reduced to the Kingdom of Eladril in southern part between the twin rivers, while the Kingdom of Azuhinum ( Gray Dwarf) represents the north part. Along the southern coast of the Iapetus Sea is the Kingdom of Sultar ( Deep Gnomes). The gods here are an ancient pantheon the Mesopotamia Deities.

Races: Eladrin, Gray Dwarf, Deep Gnome, Human, Half-Elf, Genasi
Languages: Ashurar (Gray/Hill Dwarf), Eladrin, Hattian (Deep Gnome)
Dead Language
Syriac (Human)


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