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Languages in the Shadow of the Republic setting are only partially based on race, more by culture, country, region. For instance all the three races of Tuath (wood elves, humans, forest gnomes) speak the same language, Kelt. However, each of the four elf subraces (high, wood, dark, eladrin) each speak a different language, on the other hand the three dwarven subraces (hill, mountain, gray) only speak two languages because hill and gray dwarves share a common cultural history. Here is the language break down.

Koine: The language of Pella (human/rock gnome), Emathia (lightfoot halfling) and Dura Empire (human), this is also the lingua franca or common trade tongue of the Shadow of the Republic setting. Koine has its own alphabet.

Umbra: The language of the Oscan Republic (high elf). It uses the Koine alphabet.

Kelt: The language of the Keltoi Tribes (wood elf), Kellic Tribes (human), and Gallic tribes (rock gnome. Kelt has its own alphabet.

Dene: The language of Nidavellir (mountain dwarves), Nor’man tribes (human), and Jotun tribes (goliath). This uses an alphabet called Runic.

Vas: The language of the Svart√°lfar (dark elves), the Gothic tribes (human), and the Vandalli tribes (orc). This uses the Runic alphabet.

Ashurar: Language of the Barcan Hegemony (hill dwarf) and Azuhinum (gray dwarf). This uses the Draconic alphabet.

Eladrin: Language of Eladril (eladrin). It uses the Draconic alphabet.

Hattian: Language of Sultar (deep gnomes). It uses the Draconic alphabet.

Khemetic: Language of Khemet (human/stout halfling). This language uses two alphabets the newer Koine and the ancient Khemetic Glyptic.

Draconic: Originally the language of the dragons, the Dakon tribes (dragonborn) along with kobolds, lizardfok use it. It uses its own alphabet, Draconic.

Giant: The language of giants, some Jotun tribes (goliath) use it. It uses the runic alphabet.

Goblin: The language of the goblin races (goblin, hobgoblin, bugbear). It has no alphabet.

Dead Languages

Parsan: Not really a dead language but outside the scope of the Shadow of the Republic setting. It is used by the Parsan Empire and the Pahvali trbes (hobgoblin). Parsan has its own alphabet.

Syriac: The original language of the eastern Tethys Sea city-states, now the Dura Empire. Used the Draconic alphabet.

Rasna: Used by the Rasenna League  (high elf), an early rival to Osco for the Iad Peninsula. Still spoken by some today. It had its own alphabet.


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