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The capitol of the Oscan Republic, founded millennia ago on the banks of the Siris river. This is one of the wealthiest cities in the known world, with a population of around 50,000 people. The city is now coming into its glory, with successful wars against the Barcan Hegemony and the neighboring lands, along with successfully taxing the city-states of Pella, Osco is growing in importance. The city is a major trading center; slaves, food, materials and other goods pass through Osco’s shops and streets, there is little that cannot be found there. Osco is also a place of learning boasting several colleges including ones for magic and ones for war. In fact education for all citizens can be obtained for a relatively cheap cost, especially for primary education for children, and most schools are willing to teach non-citizens of means.

Osco is a true multicultural city, with citizens of many different races. Though the majority of the population is high elf other races are represented. The leadership of Osco is also the leadership of the Republic, what is decided by the Senate is first put into practice in Osco.

The town of Aquileia is recently founded, it is primarily founded as a fortress against the nomadic peoples to the north, but also as a trade post to the eastern lands of Erathia and Pella. Osco is taking an interest in the city and has funded a road to go Aquileia, along with creating a port for trade. Though barely 10 years old the town already boasts a population of 3,000 people.

Athenia is the most populous city-state of Pella, it also wields the most political influence, though it has had much more in the pasts with the Haxian League. Currently Athenia is ruled as a representative democracy with elected leaders, though in the past it used to be a true democracy. Athenia is one of the major centers of learning in the known world, only Aleksandria can boast a greater scholarship.

City-state of Tarth
Tarth is an economic power among the city-states of Pella, though it has always played second to the more powerful city-states of such as Athenia and Cadmus. Tarth controls the island of Ertria, the best agricultural land amongst Pella. It has large deposits of iron as well the rare deposit of star-metal, which can be worked into adamantine. Tarth is and old city, around before the rise of the Ahhiyan, though few celebrated heroes have come from this city.

Tarth is ruled by an oligarchy, it’s ruling noble families controlling the lives of Tarth and Ertria for millennia, only interrupted by becoming a vassal state to Athenia during the time of its Haxian League, after a failed war. There are currently thirteen ruling families, of which nine are human, three are gnomes and one is halfling, courtesy Aleksandar the Great’s conquest. This also more or less represents the population of Tarth, with the majority being human with a significant population of gnomes, and a sizable minority of halflings; rounded out with various other races making their homes there.

The city named by and in honor of the halfling, Aleksandar the Great, it has become the premier city of learning in the Tethys region; maybe, in the world itself. Ruling as the capital of the ancient land of Khemeti, in the delta of the great Iteru River along the coast of the Tethys Sea.

It’s family of rulers the Tolemies, the halfling usurpers after the death of Aleksandar, have guided this nation with Wisdom based on knowledge. The current ruler is Tolemy the Fourth; a Stout halfling, who shows just as much Wisdom and Intelligence as his forbearers.

The city is known for particularly two of is many spectacular structures. The Great Lighthouse, with its beacon guiding ships from miles away. And it’s library, which gathers writings from around the world, and both employs and entertains philosophers, spellcastes, and priests of every ilk, race and nationality in the expansion of knowledge.


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