Genevois Castle, Isle of Minos, City-States of Pella

Fit to rule over a fiefdom or barony, this small castle is equipped with heavy stone walls, turrets, and spires. There is a private room for the master of the keep, as well as private rooms for up to 50 distinguished guests. This structure may also house up to 450 servants or men-at-arms in less comfortable, occasionally communal living spaces.

War Room – Friendly soldiers planning for 7 days get double their overland speed to complete journey. In addition, when structure is under attack all creatures fighting in the structure’s defense add 1d4 to their attack rolls.


Noble estate with manor

A fine manor house on a wide tract of land, expertly manicured or tailored how you wish. Contains private rooms for up to 15 individuals, as well as lower quality and well hidden semi-private quarters for a serving staff of up to 35 persons.

Armory – When the structure is under attack, any hireling that is not a spellcaster or soldier may visit the armory and afterwards count as a guard. Hirelings equipped in this way may not be used offensively, and will only count as guards while they fight in defense of the structure.

Library – When taking at least an hour to perform an Intelligence or Wisdom (or related skill) check to find specific knowledge within this room, you gain advantage on the roll. Even if you do not (or cannot) succeed on this roll, you can typically uncover a hint as to where this information may be found.

Magical Enchanter – A spellcaster hireling or a character with the Spellcasting or Pact Magic features may make magic items, weapons, and armor here. Any magic item of the appropriate rarity may be created here, excepting items that are potions or artifacts, and your DM may rule that some magic items are uncraftable or require additional, rare materials to create.

* Common or Uncommon magical items take 15 days to make, and
cost 250 gp in materials.
* Rare magical items take 60 days to make, and cost 2,500 gp in
* Very Rare magical items take 300 days to make, and cost
25,000 gp in materials.

Poisoner’s Grotto – Every 7 days, this room provides enough ingredients to make two items off the following list, most of which may be found in the DMG (pg 257-258): acid, antitoxin, assassin’s blood, burnt othur fumes, drow poison, essence of ether, malice, oil of taggit, pale tincture, potion of poison, torpor, or truth serum. After the herbs have been picked, each poison must be successfully brewed with a DC 15 alchemist supplies check. A failure destroys the gathered herbs used to brew that particular item until they regrow the following week.

Smithy – For 2 days worth of effort and half its listed price, any item on the Armor or Weapons tables in the PHB may be made here by a properly-skilled hireling or character, after completing a DC 10 smith’s tools check. At your DM’s discretion, certain items off of the Adventuring Gear and Tools tables may also be created here in similar fashion. If a hireling skilled with smith’s tools is assigned to this room, they count as a Tools, Weapons, or Medium or Heavy Armor merchant (your choice) that is always present here. The quality of this merchant’s wares changes every 7 days. Additionally, if such a hireling is assigned, this room generates an income of 15 gp times 1d10 every 30 days.

Manor Monthly Income Statement as of 1-MAR-619
Proculus Income
6 50 gp
300 gp
Smithy Income
15×1d10 gp
82.5 gp
Upkeep Skilled
3 2 gp/day -180 gp
Upkeep Unskilled
15 .2 gp/day -90 gp
1 2 gp/day -60 gp
Laborers Unskilled
18 .2 gp/day -108 gp
Total Profit/Loss
- - -55.5 gp
  • Due the the armory, all hirelings count as guards in defense of the structure

    O.R.C.S. (Oscan Republic Container Shipping)

Large building set up against the shore. Comes equipped with private lodgings for 5 important persons and bunks or hammocks for up to 45 travelers, traders, or passing merchants. This structure serves as a trading post with a caravansary and water docks.

Trading Post Monthly Income Statement as of 1-JAN-619
- 25×2d10 gp
275 gp
20×2d10 gp
220 gp
Upkeep Skilled
4 2 gp/day -240 gp
Upkeep Unskilled
2 .2 gp/day -12 gp
Total Profit/Loss
- - 243 gp


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