Shadow of the Republic

Possum World Champion

18-JUN-618 – Gorgo the Ogre interrupted naptime but they were able to find out about planned raids on surrounding towns before dispatching him. Shortly thereafter, The Possum won the World Championship of Possum-Playing at the hands of a wizard. He’s currently staring at me from the wagon. A barbed devil, kuo-toa and mummies rounded out the day.

Session Loot – 120 pp, 2460 gp, 7900 sp, 2700 cp (20 pp, 410 gp, 1316 sp, 516 cp each)

Bob –

Brienne – Dragon Slayer Greatsword (a)

Dongus –

Keo –

Quintus –

Tanet – Giant Slayer Shortsword (a), Wand of Secrets

Community Property – fine cloth cloak (250 gp), carved ivory drinking horn (250 gp), silver helmet (250 gp), Potion of Resistance (necrotic), Cap of Water Breathing, Ring of Swimming, 8 × 50 gp gems

Mission Pitiful
The Memoirs of Tarasios Leventis

13-JUN-618 – They informed Mr.Gulani of Susae’s terrible fate. That poor, great man did not accept the news well.

14-JUN-618 – Once again left the comfort of Aquileia for the road to a hobgoblin encampment.

15-JUN-618 – Over the river and through the woods

16-JUN-618 – to our certain death we go.

17-JUN-618 – They arrive at the hobgoblin encampment, which turns out to be an enormously complex former dragon den with many, many more races of creatures than first thought. After entering through an unused cavern they spent the rest of the day getting their asses handed to them by undead. The Beast went down when he mistakenly zigged when he should have zagged. Seems like they’re fighting everything except hobgoblins.

Session Loot – 120 pp, 760 gp, 1320 sp, 2700 cp (20 pp, 126 gp, 226 sp, 450 cp each)

Bob – Boots of Speed (a)

Brienne – Ioun Stone of Protection (a)

Dongus – Javelin of Lightning

Keo – Mac-Fuirmidh Citern (a)

Quintus –

Tanet –

You've got stone
Leaving of Messages

Today we encountered a hobgoblin Mage, it sucked. Of course I held my own. After its defeat we loaded the wagons and an absurdly large ugly marble table (not sure how we got convinced to do that). While the others were occupied with the tie downs I excused myself to relieve my scales. I was really leaving a message for whoever this is that does these things to innocent people. The others are unaware of it. Not sure if they’d approve. But the message was pretty clear.

dictum meum pactum


Great Balls of Fire
The Memoirs of Tarasios Leventis

9-JUN-618 – After the wraith, the travelling circus got to find out what the inside of a fireball looks like courtesy of a hobgoblin mage. Afterwards, they grabbed the townsfolk and headed back toward Aquileia.

10-JUN-618 – Walking. Protecting townsfolk is boring and slow.

11-JUN-618 – Bats.

12-JUN-618 – Returned to Aquileia (1200 gp reward included below)

Session Loot – 430 pp, 3540 gp, 3000 sp, 200 cp (71 pp, 596 gp, 506 sp, 39 cp each)

Bob – 2 × 100 gp gem

Brienne – 2 × 100 gp gem

Dongus – 2 × 100 gp gem

Keo – 2 × 100 gp gem, Scroll of Magic Missile, Ioun Stone of Sustenance (a)

Quintus – 2 × 100 gp gem, Scroll of Ray of Sickness, Wand of Paralysis

Tanet – 2 × 100 gp gem, Glamoured Studded Leather (a)

Community Property – 100 gp gem

Nice Day for a Wight Wedding
The Memoirs of Tarasios Leventis

8-JUN-618 (cont.) – Manticore…ghouls, ghouls, ghouls…and wight’s zombies. This motley crew is actually starting to look like they know what they’re doing, but I’m still comfortable taking the under.

Session Loot – 3200 sp, 7120 cp (553 sp, 1186 cp each)

Bob – 2 × 50 gp gem, 15 gp

Brienne – 2 × 50 gp gem, 15 gp

Dongus – 2 × 50 gp gem, 15 gp, Boots of Springing and Striding (a)

Keo – 1 × 50 gp gem, 65 gp

Quintus – 1 × 50 gp gem, 65 gp, Bag of Tricks (gray), Scroll of Fog Cloud, 7 x Beads of Force (2 used)

Tanet – 1 × 50 gp gem, 65 gp

Community Property – Scroll of Banishment (used), +1 club, 3 x Potions of Greater Healing

Letters to Lucia
from Spurious Hybrida

To my dear sister Lucia,

I’m making a name for myself, on the stage not in the forum. People really seem to like my music, the other night the crowd would not let me off the stage. Oh and I met a girl her names Thessalia, we have spent the last couple of weeks together. She gets me, she is into music, loves my poetry, and understands verse and rhyme. Not completely sure exactly what I feel about her, but I think there might be something there. It also looks like I might have some competition, this elf, Keo Von Fett, rolled into town telling epic tales of his heroic deeds, and when I got on stage he came up and joined me. He is a competent musician.

Love your brother,

My dearest sister; Lucia,

The other night I was at the Lone Traveler tavern, and Keo was playing with his troupe, I had heard he had done that. But my mouth dropped when who should I see but Thessalia playing the dulcimer, I had not seen her that much recently, and now I know why. I did not even know she played an instrument. To top it off, his troupe is also made up a donkey with mad hoofbeat skills, and an ogre playing the flute, who only goes by the name of Big Gay Ogre. I do not know what to do, this is also affecting my own career as a musician, the parties and stages are all wanting Keo’s band, and I am getting the shows that are left over. I just do not understand.

Love your brother,


I HATE him, HATE him. Who am I writing about, Keo Von Fett. I was doing a show, when HE walks in, the crowd wants him to play. So what does he do, takes my pan pipe and performs; when he is done he hands me back my flute, and then says thanks. The next day, my eye was red and swollen, I am sure he did it on purpose. Oh, and I am living with uncle again. Can you guess why, yes Keo. I threw a party and invited Thessalia, she brought Keo; by the way he claimed he did not even know who I was, we played on the same stage a few times, by Apollo’s testicle. He proceeds to get trashed, then starts trashing my apartment. When a whole wall came down, the landlord came with the garrison soldiers and kicked me out, most of my furniture was destroyed, and I got the bill. He is out to destroy me I know it. Now you some idea why I hate him.

I apologize.

Your brother,

I'm Rick James, Bitch
The Memoirs of Tarasios Leventis

19-APR-618 – We made it back to Aquileia.

20-APR-618 – Constant touring in and around the city, and the Douche and I add a really hot elf (Thessalia) and a really gay ogre (Big Gay Ogre) to our musical troupe. Hijinks ensue.


4-MAY-618 – Soooo many groupies and non-stop donkey shows. Cocaine’s a hell of a drug.

7-JUN-618 – Mr. Gulani has sent them to investigate the town of Susae.

8-JUN-618 – Dwarf Bandits lose all their stuff, and hobgoblins fall victim to the worst plan in the history of plans.

Session Loot – 2 pp, 18 sp (3 gp, 6 sp, 3 cp each)

Community Property – 5 short swords, warhammer, 5 light crossbows

Bean, Beans, and Magical Fruit
The Memoirs of Tarasios Leventis

14-APR-618 – Against all the teaching of warfare strategy the group barreled into Yorno’s tree grove like a pack of horny warthogs looking for a mate. How they managed to survive was beyond me. Not only did they have no plan, but the Possum ran off into the fray alone like a maniac. The Broad and Beast held their own, and the Douche surprisingly kept everyone among the living so the Stiff and Hick could continue to attack from afar. It wasn’t the worst I’ve ever seen them perform.

They then took the fruits from the dark tree to the sea hags for some reason, then headed back to the village of Hircum where they dropped off the satyr.

15-APR-618 – The group began their journey back to Aquileia.

Session Loot – 3900 cp, 1500 sp, 190 gp (656 cp, 256 sp, 31 gp each)

Bob – gem (10 gp), Charm of Darkvision (action to use, 3 uses)

Brienne – gem (10 gp), Charm of Darkvision (action to use, 3 uses)

Dongus – 5 gems (10 gp each)

Keo – gem (10 gp), Charm of Darkvision (action to use, 3 uses)

Quintus – 1 Bag of Beans (6), Scroll of Poison Spray

Tanet – 4 +2 arrows

Community Property – Decanter of Endless Water, 4 potions of healing, 1 unidentified red potion, 1 potion (brown/silver/gray, resembling stone)

Frit Le Lutin With a Side of Batshit
The Memoirs of Tarasios Leventis

12-APR-618 (cont.) – Two green wyrmlings very nearly brought this gathering of gullible goofballs to a guaranteed group grave.

13-APR-618 – The Douche was so desperate for companionship he tried befriending a coven of sea hags, luckily the Stiff and the Broad weren’t so easily fooled. We got to meet Furnace and his collection of pet oozes.

I’m starting to get the sneaking suspicion that the Douche and the Stiff are in direct competition to see who’s the bigger asshole. The Hag Fag was well in front looking to finish the race when Minerva’s Hand Puppet decided to disturb an ancient burial mound containing a banshee…nearly killing the party in the process.

Session Loot – 3100 cp, 2400 sp, 150 gp (516 cp, 400 sp, 25 gp each)

Bob – Shortsword of Vengeance (a), 2 jasper (50 gp each)

Brienne – chalcedony (50 gp), star rose quartz (50 gp)

Dongus – greatclub, citrine (50 gp)

Keo – sardonyx (50 gp), star rose quartz (50 gp), scroll of Undead Protection

Quintus – 2 bloodstone (50 gp each), scroll of Bigby’s Hand scroll of Hold Monster

Tanet – 2 onyx (50 gp each)

Community Property – Sending Stones, 1 cloudy green potion, 1 potion of greater healing, 1 fingernail potion, 1 fog potion, 1 large potion w/bubbles of light, 1 blue boiling potion

Someone Answer the Damn Homophone
The Memoirs of Tarasios Leventis

11-APR-618 (cont.) – They attacked a box at the rear of the cave and seem pretty proud of themselves that they won. A box. A fucking box. I just stepped on a beetle and you don’t see me demanding to be carried on their shoulders like a returning Ceasar. Also, they picked up a stray today. He dropped to the ground when confronted by a house spider. He apparently doesn’t know the different between “feinting” and “fainting” during combat. The Possum will fit right in.

12-APR-618 – I watched an ogre get straight-up murdered today. He was just lounging on a hammock not bothering anyone when the Hick attacked. Didn’t even have a weapon on him as he gasped his final word. Reminder to self: look up what “Fiona” means in the giant tongue.

Session Loot – 120 gp, 1350 sp sp, 2200 cp (20 gp, 225 sp, 366 cp each)

Bob –

Brienne – Adamantine Chainmail

Dongus –

Keo –

Quintus – Eyes of Charming (a)

Tanet – Quiver of Ehlona

Community Property – 4 potion of healing, 1 potion of greater healing, small mirror (50 gp), black velvet mask (50 gp), copper chalice (50 gp), clock of gold vestment (50 gp)


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