Sulius Paetara


Sulius himself is a high elf nearing 600 years of age, though he remains fit and vigorous at this age. His once black hair is now completely white, his blue eyes; howerver, have not dimmed with age.


Sulius is a member of the elite of Aquileia, he is also well known throughout the Oscan Republic itself. Born to an aristocratic family low on the ladder, he became an adventurer, quickly earning fame with his sword and magic. But though he brought his family great wealth and glory, the higher rungs of the Oscan ladder always stayed out of his reach. So when the opportunity came to found the colony of Aquileia, he jumped at it taking a significant number of his family with him. Today he is a major player in the growing city of Aquileia, his family the second most powerful and the wealthiest. Sulius usually leaves the day to day matters of power play to his very able family, he can usually be found doing research or some experiment in his favorite place in the city, his Museum of Attainment.

Sulius Paetara

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