Spurious Hybrida


Short even by elven standards, Spurious is a half-elf of elf and gnome parentage. He is very thin, with large eyes and very large ears, but otherwise looks like an elf. He has black hair and brown eyes.


The Hybrida family is known for its wealth, and for occasionally dipping their toes into politics. So when the aspiring politician Lucias found he had a two year old child with a gnomish woman he’d had a fling with, who also had recently died. He did the unthinkable, he accepted the child as his own and brought the child into his family. Spurious joined Lucias’s family not as an outsider but as a fully embraced son. His siblings all six of his sisters, even his stepmother adored him growing up.

He always took to the arts, as the Hybrida family has rarely taken an interest in such things, this probably came from his mother, Oreithuia. Lucias was not going to say no to his child and when he was old enough allowed Spurious to attend a bardic college. There he excelled, but when he reached adulthood, his father told him he needed to learn a real trade, so sent him to Aquileia to learn politics under the tutorage of his brother, Secundus. However, it was the stage that called to him, and in a short time gained a measure of fame in the small city. Then he met Keo…

Spurious Hybrida

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