Proculus Gulani


Proculus is a middle-aged high elf, with a strongly receding hairline of black with strands of gray hair. He has a rough looking face complete with scars attesting to long years with the Oscan military.


Proceus is the patriarch of the Gulani family; one of three power families in Aquileia. The Gulani clan is relatively new to power as the recent wars are what elevated them to the position they are in now. The Gulani family was of noble lineage but just barely, a string of poor choices had left the family nearly destitute and low on the rungs of power. That all changed with the recent, first with Proculus’s father in the First Barcan War, becoming the right hand man to the general in that war. Later with Proculus himself, reaching the rank of Legate and being the commander in charge of breaking the Siege if Syrakousai, great glory was his, with only the stain of the great polymath and inventor Archimedes being killed by one of his soldier counter to the orders he had received. His father had moved the Gulani clan to Aquileia protect it from the machinations of Osco, but his father died only two years after the move to Aquileia. This left Proculus as the head of the family, but still a soldier and with the war; the 2nd Barcan War, the family slipped from prestige. However, with his return to the family after the cessation of the war, and with glory and gold from his accomplishments, he has put the Gulani family back into power as the third most powerful family in Aquileia.

Proculus Gulani

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