Occulta Manu


Occulta Manu is around 15,000 years old, she did have children though they are probably all dead. She is an ancient black dragon with the ability to polymorph into to a female elf. In her dragon form she is over 60 feet long from nose to tail covered in obsidian color scales, few scars mar them. Her elf form always looks aged based on her own age, and since even by dragon she is ancient, her elf form is too. In this shape she still has very long raven colored hair, but the rest of her is withered with age. Exceptionally thin with very pale skin she hardly gives the impression that she is actually an ancient and powerful dragon.


Barely more than a hatchling when the great dragon kingdoms fell, the black dragon who now goes by the name of Occulta Manu is ancient. Some 5000 years ago this black dragon went to sleep never expecting to awaken, believing her time was coming to a close, call it fate or destiny, it doesn’t matter, she woke to find a different world. One where a group of elves were laying the foundations to a city, and these elves belonged to a larger empire called the Oscan Republic. She had the an ability, unique to black dragons, to polymorph into an elf, and with this ability she infiltrated this new elven city called Aquileia.

After first gaining followers of many of the very poor and downtrodden, she formed a street gang and started calling herself Occulta Manu. Though largely hidden from the city itself the Occulta Manu, the name of the gang taken from the dragon’ name, has quietly be come the local thieves guild. Occulta for her part has enjoyed the running of the guilds activities, and likens it as collecting treasure for her hoard.

Occulta Manu

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