Archimedes appears as an aged human man, with a balding head and full beard, what hair he has is grey, which is just darker than the deathly white of his undead complexion.


Born in the Stepping Stones a group of large islands off the Iad peninsula, in the city of Syrakousai, Archimedes lead an enlightened life, a prolific inventor and a wizard of some skill. He was acknowledged as one of the geniuses of the age. At the age 75 he was killed by the invading armies of Osco during the opening of the 2nd Barcan War. The commander of the forces that killed him was a hit elf named Proculus Gulani.

Shortly after his death his acolytes made off with his body and performed several unholy rites, both to Hades and other dark entities. The answered by bringing back Archimedes, but as an undead vampire. In his awakening he killed or turned most of his acolytes, and sword revenge on the Oscan Republic and specifically on Proculus himself.


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