Shadow of the Republic

Hungry Like The Wolf

The Memoirs of Tarasios Leventis

3-JUL-619 – Left for Loch na Súil in Tuath to try and prevent the release of Balar Birugderc.

16-AUG-619 – Arrived after an uneventful trip. They immediately got pimped by dark elves and wolves, and the Douche received many satisfying blows to his person. Later that night, gnomes attacked and got the better of the Stiff. It seems that seven weeks at sea has blunted their usefulness.

Session Loot – 4,600 gp (766.66 gp each)

Bob –

Brienne – Goggles of Night

Dongus –

Keo –

Quintus –

Tanet –

Community Property – Ring of Regeneration, Potion of Fire Breath, Potion of Greater Healing



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