Shadow of the Republic

Dongus, Slayer of Mages

The Memoirs of Tarasios Leventis

7-JUN-619 (cont.) – More cultists and ghosts. The Beast has apparently figured out how to take spells to the face and not die. Finally had to call it a day and hole up in a brewery.

Session Loot – 14000 gp (2333.33 gp each)

Bob – 20 Arrows +2

Brienne – 10 Bolts +3

Dongus –

Keo – Light Crossbow +2, 10 Bolts +3

Quintus –

Tanet –

Community Property – 2 Potions of Supreme Healing, 2 Oil of Slipperiness, 2 Oil of Sharpness, Nine Lives Stealer Greatsword +2, 5000 gp wine



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