Shadow of the Republic

Charlotte Webbed All Over Their Faces

The Memoirs of Tarasios Leventis

9-APR-618 (cont.) – In the village they chatted up a a few of the villagers (Octavius Longhune and a wise woman with no wisdom to give us).

10-APR-618Day 10 – We left yet another comfortable are for dark and scary woods (seriously, what is wrong with these people?) and were accosted by a saytr name Yorno and his pet dire wolves. He bailed before his puppies were dispatched so he’s going to have to get got at some point in the future. A few miles later we reached a dryad grove and met Sinon (human) and Kynthia (dryad). Again, not a ton of useful information. Gods forbid that these numbskulls learn how to ask a decent question.

11-APR-618 – Blights, spiders, and caves. Oh my.

Session Loot –

Bob –

Brienne –

Dongus –

Keo –

Quintus –

Tanet –

Community Property – polished stone statue of Apollo (50 gp), iron amulet (50 gp), silk choker (50 gp), small silver mirror (50 gp), 4 red potions, 1 brown/silver/gray potion



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